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Dog training & Behavioural Solutions

Helping You Live In Harmony With Your Best Friend!

Behavioural Consultations

From basic training to problem behaviours such as aggression, Jamie offers full consultations in your home.

Puppy Training

Jamie will visit your home to help with all aspects of training your new puppy.

Based in Chester-le-Street, Co Durham and covering much of the North East.

Helping You And Your Dog Achieve Harmony

Understand your Dog’s needs

Many “problem behaviours” are a result of the dog’s needs not being met. When we understand our best freind better, the relationship improves, and you can eliminate….

Aggression toward other dogs

Aggression toward the owner

Separation Anxiety

Pulling on the Lead

Not coming when called

Problem barking etc..

What Is Positive Reinforcement Training?

Instead of focusing on stopping problem behaviours, which often relies on harsh methods, we aim to motivate the dog using reward based training, until better habits are formed.

Will I always have to feed my dog treats?

 No. Once a behaviour is learnt, and has been rewarded enough times it becomes conditioned (a habit), so you don’t need to keep reinforcing with treats. It’s a good idea to gradually phase treats out, until you’re perhaps only giving them very occasionally, so the dog gambles on the whether they might get one.

Will my dog get fat?
 When training new behaviours, you may need to at first to use lots of treats, but you gradually to phase treats out. If you know roughly how much extra food you’re giving in treats per day, you can subtract that amount from the dog’s main meals. Also be careful not to give too many fatty treats.


Will my dog still respect me?

 Funny word, “respect”, what do we really mean by that? With people, you can respect someone for many reasons, generally it’s because we feel someone has more knowledge or authority on something, but if someone is a bully, making you do something you don’t want to, then you are doing it more through fear than respect. Your dog doesn’t understand why it has to do/not do something, so is it respect or fear that is motivating the obedience? The more we steer the dog’s behaviours with motivation, the less we need to use fear – I know which traits I prefer in my leaders! Interestingly, much about wolf behaviour has been misunderstood, pack leaders do not assert their authority with aggression, and are generally very gentle and supportive with their pack, while remaining calm and confident.

About Jamie

Jamie is an Expert Trainer and Behaviourist, his mission is to understand what makes our furry friends tick . Jamie’s never seen without a dog, wandering over the fells of Waldridge with his pack of buddies or helping other people to get the best out of life for their dogs. In his spare time he is a Tai Chi Instructor and draws upon Tai Chi principles when dealing with dogs, especially dogs with psychological problems. Jamie is a qualified trainer and member of the IMDT and has studied with some of the worlds best known dog trainers including Steve Mann, Nando Brown, Brenda aloff and Grisha Stuart.

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Success Stories

“I found Jamie by chance. Having had a few bad experiences with max before, I knew I needed to do something but I began to realise I didn’t know what. After booking my first appointment with Jamie. I was given practical exercises to try and within half an hour of initially trying them, max was already responding. At first it seems difficult but eventually the training just becomes another part of the walk. Part of the routine.

I had no skills before, to the point where max wouldn’t respond because he probably felt he had to take charge. but now I’m so much more confident with what I’ve learnt, max knows he can rely on me and I can deal with situations

If your wondering if Jamie is the way to go. I’d say yes. Absolutely. He’s there at every step. I dread to think what the past 3 months would have been like had I not sent that email.”

Mathew Coverdale

“We contacted Jamie for help training our 6 month old puppy and I would highly recommend his service.
Jamie has helped me implement different techniques to combat training issues, all of which have worked brilliantly with our dog. He has helped me understand and counteract my dogs troublesome behaviours in simple steps, which certainly seems to be working well. Jamie has been excellent to work with and I would not hesitate to contact him should we need further assistance training our dog in the future!
It is overall, a very worthwhile and helpful service!”

Hayley Mkenna

“We asked Jamie to come and help with our dog Alfie. Jamie spent time getting to know Alfie and our other dog Sophie. He gave us really straight forward techniques to help us help Alfie. Within a week his behaviour had improved and has continued to. Jamie’s techniques have increased Alfie’s confidence and this has shown is other areas of Alfie’s behaviour. It is phenomenal.
Jamie is so in tune with understanding what Alfie needed and what we needed to do to improve it. Alfie now walks confidently and is very rarely distracted by other dogs or people. He is less anxious and it is amazing to see. This has in turn helped with Sophie not being distressed or reacting to Alfie. I can not recommend Jamie enough he is so helpful and takes time to make sure you feel confident with the techniques. He is also available any time for advice. An amazing service and person! Thank you Jamie!” 🐶

Hayley Hawksby

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