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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Relevant Covid 19 Regulations?

As per the government guidelines, any behavioural consultation can take place provided social distancing/hygiene measures are in place, and if possible outside, and only if the session can’t be done from home. Many consultations can be done from home via – Zoom see below.

Can we do the session Online?

An initial consultation mainly involves Jamie gathering information from the owners to establish the reasons for problem behaviours, setting up a training plan accordingly, and then demonstrating/instructing the owners how to apply training techniques, and then watching them practise them. He therefore usually doesn’t need to be there in person, to do this, and doesn’t need to see the problem behaviours in order to work out how to tackle them. Zoom is a great way to run an initial session, while remaining Covid-safe. 

What follow-up support will i get?

Jamie offers free telephone/email support for as long as you have the dog, in relation to any problem behaviours covered in the session(s). As each behaviour requires consultation, any new problems not related to those covered in previous sessions, may require a further consultation. 


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