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Does This Sound familiar?


Aggression towards other dogs/people


Protective over food/toys?


Separation Anxiety?


Pulling on lead?


Not Coming when called?


Destructive behaviour?


Toileting in the house?


Excessive barking/jumping up?


Fear of noises/unusual things?


Obsessive behaviour - tail/shadow chasing?

How Jamie Will Help!

Puppy Training

Get everything right from the start with your new best friend – from toilet training to play-biting, to loose lead walking,  or any particular “teething” problems you’re experiencing.

Jamie Muir with dogs

Training & Behaviour Programs

From basic training, to help with serious problem behaviours or anxiety, a bespoke training program is tailored to the needs of you and your dog.

Trainer Jamie Muir with group of dogs

Aggression & Reactivity Training

Jamie specialises in working with reactive dogs, and looks to empower you with strategies to modify your dog’s responses to stress, and overcome the need to resort to aggression.

jamie with dog

About Jamie


 Jamie Muir IMDT, dog trainer and behaviour specialist, is based in Chester-le-Street, and has been working successfully with dogs all over the North East, for close to 20 years.

Jamie’s goal is to equip his clients with the tools and strategies to set them up for anything from basic puppy training, to the most extreme aggression cases.

Please do get in touch for more info or to book, and check out Jamie’s social media for helpful tips, and to see what his clients say…


If your wondering if Jamie is the way to go. I’d say yes. Absolutely. He’s there at every step. I dread to think what the past 3 months would have been like had I not sent that email.”

Mathew Coverdale

Jamie has helped me implement different techniques to combat training issues, all of which have worked brilliantly with our dog. He has helped me understand and counteract my dogs troublesome behaviours in simple steps, which certainly seems to be working well. 

Hayley Mkenna

 I can not recommend Jamie enough he is so helpful and takes time to make sure you feel confident with the techniques. He is also available any time for advice. An amazing service and person! Thank you Jamie!” 🐶

Hayley Hawksby

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