Jamie Muir IMDT

Dog Trainer & Behaviour Specialist

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 About Jamie

Jamie is an expert dog trainer and behaviour specialist, his mission is to uncover what makes our furry friends tick. With decades of experience, he is qualified and registered with the IMDT.
Jamie’s focus is on understanding what motivates dogs’ behaviour, and tailoring training to their needs, rather than “stopping problem behaviours”. If the latter is where we start, we inevitably end up focusing on punishment, which generally isn’t good for our relationship with our dog. If we understand why they’re “misbehaving”, and make sure their needs are met, it’s much easier to guide our four-legged friends towards how we want them to behave, using kind, modern, state-of-the-art reward based methods.
Jamie always seeks to expand on his knowledge, excited by the prospects of the world famous trainers he’s doing courses with this year, having already honed his craft over the years by learning from top trainers such as Steve Man, Nando Brown, Grisha Stewart, and Brenda Aloff, (but of course gives credit to his main teachers – all his many canine guides from the past several decades!)
Qualifications & Achievements

Career as a Dog Trainer – IMDT

Practical Instructor Course – IMDT

Advanced Instructor Course – IMDT

Membership Assessment – IMDT (OCN)

Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation – IMDT

Canine Body Language – IMDT

Impulse Control – IMDT

Separation Anxiety – IMDT

Working With Stress And Trauma – IMDT

Perfect Puppy – IMDT

Behavioural Adjustment Training – Grisha Stewart

Handling Reactive Dogs – Brenda Aloff

Canine Functional Characters – Dr Isla Fishburn

Holistic Wellbeing & Nutrition – Dr Sue Armstrong

Core Training Tools & Practices – Ken Ramirez

Reinforcement Strategies – Ken Ramirez

Aggression Treatment Strategies – Ken Ramirez

Concept Training – Ken Ramirez 

Working Dog Training – Ken Ramirez

Jamie’s Methods/Goals

Positive Reinforcement

Behavioural Science, in recent years, has taught us that both we, and our dogs learn and flourish in less stressful environments, which means that if we are constantly telling our dogs what NOT to do, we both get stressed – the human finds it harder to focus on what we WANT our dogs to do, and we foster an environment in which the dog is afraid to offer behaviours we might like for fear of punishment. By understanding how dogs learn, and using the latest innovative reward based methods, we teach our dogs what we want them to do, and all feel good about the training in the process!

Tai Chi Influence

Jamie’s clients often remark that he probably doesn’t believe that their dogs misbehave at all, as a lot of the time when he walks in, the dog is suddenly on it’s best behaviour. Jamie credits his Tai Chi for this remarkable phenomenon – haha! Seriously though, Tai Chi is known to be a great stress-reliever, and long-term practitioners like Jamie often exude calm. Dogs seem to pick up on this, and respond in kind. So rather than just focusing on teaching clients training techniques, Jamie helps clients, and in turn their dogs to connect calmly with each other, making training a breeze.

Thirst For Knowledge

After many years spent with dogs, learning, and honing his craft, Jamie knows that there’s always so much more to learn about the animal closest to our hearts. So whenever he can he’s reading books and articles, or booking his next seminar with world-renowned dog specialists.

Where It All Started

Jamie grew up with cats, and loved them dearly (he’s still a big animal lover in general), but as a kid was obsessed with dogs, walking and playing with friends’ and neighbours’ dogs whenever he could, and pawing through dog breed books, fantasising about when he could leave home and get his first dog (the breed varied over the years, from Chow to Samoyed, Rottweiler to Australian Cattle Dog), until finally, on his 20th birthday, he found himself a cross-breed puppy (and what an amazing being he was!) More than several pups and rescue dogs later (the latter, sometimes seriously troubled souls, who Jamie learned so much from), he now has Roni Mo, his quirky little sidekick, who’s still teaching him a thing or two about dog training!

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